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Happy Halloween from OpenAwesome!


Happy Halloween everyone! OpenAwesome.com theme is changed to a Halloween theme until tomorrow. Have fun!

New CreepyPastas section!!


We added a brand new CreepyPastas section to the website for horror fans who want their world shattered in terror. This new section is terrifying and has frightening pictures to accompany the content. A lot of the stories have also been modified from their original versions, and improved upon; fixing grammatical errors and improving overall story and horror factors, without altering the main idea or disrupting the original storyline.

Here are the few Creepypasta stories we launch this brand new section with, expect more to come in the future:

My Sleeping Wife
The Portraits
Pokemon Black Edition
The Elevator Game - How to get to another world

We hope you enjoy this new horror section, check back daily for more stories and more updates to come!

Happy New Year!

New Nakayama Masaaki Section - Also removed advertisements!


We have added a new Nakayama Masaaki section for all you horror manga fans out there. Nakayama Masaaki is a horror manga author like Junji Ito, but they are very different in the way they portray horror. Junji Ito is more of a paranormal horror author in which very strange and unexpected things happen. Nakayama Masaaki is more of a psychological horror author in which the horror elements pop out directly into your face and will scare you hours after reading it.

You just have to check it out and if you really want to be scared, read it in the dark!

Also as a sidenote news, we have removed a large chunk of advertisements from the website. We removed the advertisements from the main pages of the website as well as the initial pages of all stories.

Check back daily for more new updates!

Happy New Year!


We at OpenAwesome.com wish you the best for the upcoming new year, 2014!! This website was started on October of this year, but the website will be even better next year!

Thank you guys for your patience. We have been very busy with the holidays about, and we have been very distracted from updating the website further. Thank you for being a daily visitor to OpenAwesome.com, hundreds of new comics will be added soon so don't worry, just be patient!

Happy Holidays and New Updates to Come!


You heard it here first. New updates on the way.

Black Friday


A particular event takes place on the day after Thanksgiving; they call it "Black Friday," a practice long held among the American people. A day to give into all of your worldly desires and purge yourself upon countless discounted goods and outrageously cheap deals provided by the unseen hands of the market. My family rejoiced upon the arrival of this long awaited day.

My mother, a woman who doesn't partake upon herself to waste any opportunity to save money, strove great lengths to plan ahead for these precious events. My father, a strongly religious man succumb to his docile nature, willingly obliged every year to my mother's endeavors. Of course, I was always dragged into these schemes.

"You will learn this precious trade, and soon be as great as your very own mother!" She took great pride in what she did.

The following morning, my house erupted into chaos as 2 a.m. blared on my alarm clock. My mother and father were already downstairs, ready to go. I quickly got dressed. By 2:30 a.m., we arrived at the market.

What kind of supernatural forces drove these people to shop during those early hours of the morning, I will never know. Nevertheless, my mother was one of them. A ferocious monster hidden behind the skin of a human, ready to pounce at the mention of a 1% discount. She soon had me by the wrist, and was dragging me throughout the plaza, telling me about all of the family-owned tips and tricks in finding the right products to buy. Speaking in break-neck speeds, I hardly digested a word.

She was particularly interested in the produce auction. A single, unwavering podium held aloft by a team of four pillars and a monolithic slab of wood. A plump man in a black suit stood before the podium, taking in offers and buyers from all directions. Slowly letting go of my hand, my mother turned towards me.

"Watch and learn, my dear child. Let me demonstrate how to get the good deals." She dove into the crowd, leaving me to stand in her waking dust.

I'm not sure how long it was, until people started panicking.

Happy Thanksgiving from OpenAwesome!


happy thanksgiving from openawesome

New Sections On the Way!


So there will be new sections of the website to be added soon, check back daily for more updates on the progress of the new sections and be one of the first ones to see it when the sections go live!

This website is constantly being updated day in and day out, however not all the updates will show up on this page. The updates on this front page will indicate entire sitewide updates, while updates for certain sections like the Junji Ito section, has its own Junji Ito News and Updates page.

New Junji Ito and More!


It's been two days since any updates (the updates are uploaded 12:00 AM of the given date), and there's a good reason for that. We have added 30 new Junji Ito stories to the Junji Ito section and have also organized it a little bit better. Keep in mind we are still making changes to the website, so expect more updates and better organization in the future.

Seven new Junji Ito updates!


So seven new Manga have been added to the Junji Ito section. Enjoy!

New Junji Ito and launch date fixed!


Nine new Junji Ito comics have been added to the Junji Ito section. Yesterday's news was wrongly dated as 10/12/2013, it has now been fixed to show the correct date of the launch day.

OpenAwesome Launch Day!


Welcome to OpenAwesome's Launch Day. This website is fairly new so there's not much here just yet. However, expect in the upcoming weeks to see lots of changes to the website. For now though you can check out and read a majority of Junji Ito horror comics here.

open awesome launch day manga